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  • Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

    “No matter how traumatic our histories, we are not just bundles of pathology. Lodged deeply within us are dispositions for healing and self-righting, there for the awakening.” – Diana Fosha, PhD

    I am an experienced and seasoned psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of clinical experience and practice.  I have a warm, empathic and deeply relational style. I co-create a safe and affirming space to help you feel deeply listened to and understood, with the option of working together towards change and personal growth through in-person or tele-health Zoom sessions.

    I offer individual, couples and group therapy in addition to clinical supervision and training for clinical social workers and psychotherapists. 

    I can also provide pro-bono or a substantially reduced fee for clients who might be interested in effective, evidence-based and time-limited therapy through the AEDP Research Study. I welcome your inquiries.

    Dr. Karen Tantillo- Getting Started in Psychotherapy

    About Dr. Tantillo

    I can be reached by phone at (770) 296-4842 or e-mail at [email protected] I will respond within 24-hours, Monday to Friday. I welcome you to contact me and invite all inquiries.

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